Elisapeti Lavakei'aho Langi. Photo/'Elisapeti Taulani

‘Elisapeti Lavakei’aho Makoni Langi has become the first Tongan woman to be appointed to the Supreme Court of the kingdom.

The Nepituno webpage reported the king’s Judicial Appointments and Discipline Panel  has recommended Langi to be appointed as a Supreme Court Judge.

Langi was first appointed as a senior magistrate on March 29 2018.

She also served as an Assistant Senior Crown Counsel at the Attorney General’s Office.

Langi’s appointment last week came after another woman, Loupua Kiola Kulī was appointed senior magistrate of Tonga’s lower courts early this year.

Langi was the second woman to be appointed to the magistrate position.

Vusenga Helu was the first Tongan woman magistrate.



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