Kaniva mediawatch August 14, 2020


Eliesa Katoa will take to the field with the Warriors for tonight’s game against the Panthers in the Central Coast stadium tonight.

Katoa, originally from Ha’apai will play in the2nd row in the 4th round of the current NRL season.

Tonight’s game comes after the Australian  media showered praise on the Warriors for the way they have followed the social distancing protocols surrounding training.

Writing in the Sydney Morning Herald, journalist James Mathey said the Warriors’ behaviour put Australian teams to shame.

He quoted Katoa’s team-mate Chanel Harris-Tavita saying: “Our motto is ‘All In’ and as long as we stick together we will get through this.

“If we can survive this, who knows what we are capable of back in Auckland.”

Pacific Forum leadership

Tongan economist Amelia Kinahoi-Siamomua is one of five leading contenders to replace Dame Meg Taylor as next head of the Pacific Forum.

She is currently head of the Commonwealth’s Gender section and was the Regional Programme Director of the United Nations Development Fund’s (UNIFEM) Pacific Regional Office, based in Suva.

The other candidates are outgoing Cook Islands PM Henry Puna; Fiji’s former Foreign Minister Inoke Kubuabola; former Director General of the Pacific Community Dr Jimmie Rodgers and Gerald Zackios, the Marshall Islands Ambassador to the U.S.

However, according to Radio Australia’s Pacific Beat, the  leaders of the Micronesian countries have been reminding other Forum countries that they agreed last year that it was Micronesia’s turn to put their candidate forward.

Navy warning

The Head of the Touliki Masefield Naval base, Commander Taniela Tuita, has warned the public to be  better prepared when they put to sea.

His comments came after  the patrol vessel Neiafu rescued five beche de mer (sea cucumber) divers after their boat ran out of fuel.

The divers sailed to an island called Tokuu to dive, but on their way back their boat ran out of fuel and they drifted to the southern part of Fonualei.

They were rescued after calling for help on their VHF radio.

The Neiafu has been in the news lately after a series of encounters with yachts entering Tongan waters despite the kingdom’s borders being sealed.

UAE medical aid

The United Arab Emirates has sent 14 tonnes of medical supplies to Tonga and 13 other Pacific Island Countries.

The medical supplies including testing kits and person al protective equipment.

The UAE’s Charge d’Affaires in Wellington said the aid was part of the Emirates’ support for Pacific nations to cope with the Covid-19 outbreak.

Tonga opened an embassy in the UAE’s capital, Abu Dhabi, in September last year.

Virus alerts

Melbourne Pacific community leader Rita Seumanuatafa has expressed concern that warnings that Stage 4 restrictions were being introduced in Melbourne were not translated into Pacific languages quickly enough.

There are about 5000 Tongans in Melbourne.

The new curfew came into effect only hours after the state government’s announcement.

Victoria’s Minister for Multicultural Affairs, Ros Spence, said  a message in English was released on the Department of Health and Human Services site and translated messages were added a few days later,

“Unfortunately it does take some time for the translated messages to go out because it’s important they are checked and double checked by accredited translators,” Ms Spence said.


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