New Zealanders likely to vote yes to legal  marijuana in referendum says new poll

New Zealand is likely to vote to legalise marijuana, according to new survey.

Hikurangi Enterprises wants to be front and centre in the medicinal cannabis industry. Photo: Supplied (RNZ)

New Zealand’s largest licensed medicinal cannabis company, Helius Therapeutics, commissioned Horizon Research to survey Kiwis on their attitudes to the cannabis law reform.

According to Stuff, the survey found 60 per cent of New Zealanders said they would vote to support legalising cannabis for personal use, and 68 per cent believed any tax revenue from legal cannabis research should be spent on health services.

Meanwhile, a UK newspaper has reported that New Zealanders were likely to vote yes in the referendum on September 19.

The poll, commissioned by proponents of the ‘Yes’ vote,  shows support at 48 per cent, with 43 per cent against, the Daily Mail reported.

The result is at odds with other polls done by the New Zealand media.

A media poll released last week showed support for change at just 40 per cent, with the ‘No’ campaign on 49 per cent support.

Since then, the government has worked on a model for legalising, regulating and taxing the drug, as opposed to the current prohibition regime.

If the referendum passes, people over 20 will be able to consume the drug at home or at cannabis cafes.

Sales would be limited to licensed cannabis shops, not bottle stores or dairies. Smoking marijuana in public would incur a NZ$500 fine.

Former Prime Minister Helen Clark claimed today that a regulated legal market would provide quality control and ensure users knew what they were buying.



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