Tanoa Hotel. Photo/MOH

Family members of 57 people repatriated from Fiji on Monday amid Covid-19 crisis had been temporarily granted permission to deliver care packages for the passengers at the Tanoa International Hotel today and next week.

The Ministry of Health has described the permission as to provide the passengers’ urgent needs.

Only two family members were allowed to drop off the care packages at a tent for members of His Majesty’s Armed Forces outside the hotel

The parcels must be labeled with the names of the passengers, according to MOH in a statement said to be from the Hotel’s Guard Centre.

The items must be checked and inspected by the army officers.

The officers will then pass them on to the passengers.

All visitors can only visit the hotel from 12pm to 2pm on Friday 17 July 2020, Monday 20 July 2020 and Wednesday 24 July 2020.

Tonga remains CoViD-19 free after tests carried on the passengers after they arrived in the kingdom, the Minister for Health, Hon Dr ‘Amelia Tu’ipulotu has announced.

MOH CEO Dr Siale ‘Akau’ola has described the performance by a government coordinated team which tasked with welcoming and processing of Tonga’s first repatriated flight as successful and pleasing.

The passengers were initially tested for CoViD-19 in Fiji last Friday and the results received on Saturday were all negative.

They will be tested again on the 14th day of quarantine and if all still received negative results, they will be released to return to their homes where they will self-quarantine for a further seven days.



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