Expired goods seized in Vava'u convenience stores. Photo/Vāvā Lapota

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A complaint from the Neiafu town officer has led to seizures of expired goods from a number of  convenience stores in Vava’u yesterday.

Town Officer Vāvā Lapota told Kaniva News these stores allegedly concealed their expired goods from MAFF officers in other places before their businesses were inspected.

He claimed after the inspectors left the store owners sold the expired food.

He said he found out these hiding places and reported them to MAFF authorities.

The expired goods included large plastic bottles of vegetable oil, cartons of frozen rotting meats such as lamb flaps and packs of soft drink.

Lapota said it appeared some expired goods were illegally sold including bottles of soya bean oil with labels written in Asian language and not in English as stipulated by the law.

He said some of these stores had been busted previously for selling expired goods. ‘

As Kaniva News reported recently, around 400 boxes of rotting chicken have been destroyed in Vava’u after authorities inspected a refrigerated container at a Chinese shop in Neiafu in February.

Lapota said inspectors from MAFF have found the chicken to be unfit for consumption and destroyed them.

Lapota said the inspection came after complaints from customers.

Bags of expired flours and rotting salted beefs were previously found at the store, he said.



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