Tribunal says 63 years-old sex offender poses risk of further offending; orders deportation

    ‘Ikai tali tangi ‘a ha tamai Tonga ta’u 63 ‘i Nu’u Sila tu’utu’uni ke ‘atā pea fakafoki ki Tonga. Pehē ‘e he tulaipiunolo’ ko e tamai ia ko ‘eni ‘e toe ala fai pe ‘e ia e tō’onga fakalielia ki he fefine kei si’i hangē ko ia ne ne fakahoko’.

    The Immigration and Protection Tribunal has ordered a 63 years-old man to be deported. The appeal was made on the grounds that the appellant had exceptional circumstances of a humanitarian nature that would make it unjust or unduly harsh for him to be deported and whether it would not in all the circumstances be contrary…

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