Covid-19: State of Emergency extended by 7 days

This article is republished with permission under Kaniva Tonga partnerships with Radio New Zealand.

The State of National Emergency has been extended for another seven days.

It was put in place last week as New Zealand prepared to go into a Level Four alert and can be extended as many times as necessary.

The State of Emergency is different from the four-week lockdown New Zealand is currently in. The length of the lockdown is still four weeks at this stage.

The National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) supports Civil Defence Emergency Management (CDEM) Groups in their planning and operations.

NEMA is in charge in a State of National Emergency. CDEM says these types of emergencies are rare.

Last week, Civil Defence Emergency Management (CDEM) director Sarah Stuart-Black said powers under a national state of emergency would “enable us to be able to close or restrict access to roads or public places, remove or secure dangerous structures or materials, provide rescue, first aid, food, shelter, conserve essential supplies, regulate traffic, dispose of fatalities in terms of people that have passed away or animals, enter into premises to rescue people or save lives, evacuate premises or places, remove vehicles and vessels, requisition equipment and materials and assistance”.

Civil Defence Minister Peeni Henare says extending it ensures the government has all the powers needed to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

Each week, the Director of Civil Defence Emergency Management will provide the minister with advice on whether the State of National Emergency should be extended again.


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