‘Emaloni ‘Iongi, one of the widely known musicians and electric band drummers in Tonga died last week in Fiji.

He was in that country for about four years undergoing kidney dialysis treatment, his daughter Lillian ‘Iongi Fifita told Kaniva news.

His body was welcomed in Tonga on Tuesday and was laid to rest this afternoon Friday 28 at ‘Ahomatavaka cemetery in Tokomololo.  

Lillian has shared a video clip on Facebook early this week.

In that video, ‘Emaloni and his brother Sitiveni ‘Iongi were interviewed by what appeared to the former OBN Television in Tonga, and is believed to have been recorded a decade ago.

The interview was part of a programme organised to launch a number of music albums produced by the ‘Iongi brothers to celebrate the 61th birthday of their eldest brother and founder of the ‘Iongi Brothers’ Electric Music group, Siale ‘Iongi.

Siale was one of Tonga’s most popular acoustic and electric band guitarists and composers.

It is believed Siale has recorded more songs ever than any Tongan composers and players, according to an interview with him published on Kaniva website in December last year.    

‘Emaloni was asked during the interview to say something he could remember that may still remind him of his brother Siale.

In his response, ‘Emaloni said Siale had always welcomed and admired any Tongan composers and musicians who he had happened to listen to their music.

According to the video clip, ‘Emaloni thanked Siale for his talents which greatly inspired him and their other siblings.

‘Emaloni later embarked on his own music business in which he successfully created his own electric group band by which her eldest daughter Lillan joined.


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