Supreme Court dismisses 12 year old case, says charges ‘misconceived’ and no case to answer

Ta'u e 12 fetakai he keisi ko 'eni’ pea kuo iku fakata'e'aonga'i 'e he Tokoni Eiki Fakamaau Lahi 'a hono faka'ilo ne makatu’unga he tukuaki’i 'o Heleni Ruby Ma’afu pea kuo faka'atā ki he ngaahi mole fakapa’anga he kautaha ne ne ngāue ai’. Na’e ‘ikai ke ne ‘ave ‘e ia ha pa’anga. Ko e Fakamaau Lahi’ ia.

The Supreme Court has dismissed a 12 years-old accusation of theft. In 2008 Heleni Ruby Ma’afu, an employee of Pacific Travel Marketing Ltd, took TP$36,046 from bank cards of customers of Pacific Travel Marketing Ltd. The case was not received by the attorney general for prosecution until 2018, which the judge described as “inordinate delay.”…

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