Suspension for drink driving police officers while on patrol in Tongatapu

Four police officers had been suspended from police on Wednesday 5 as a result of being caught drink driving while patrolling in a police vehicle.

Two on duty police officers were suspended for drinking alcohol while patrolling in a police vehicle on Sunday 19 January 2020.

The duo picked up two off-duty police officers before they continued drinking while on patrol in Tongatapu.

Police Commissioner Caldwell said: “The public rightly expect the highest levels of professionalism and ethical behaviour from their police officers. There is absolutely no tolerance for unlawful and ill-disciplined behavior. Every police officer is accountable to the law, not above it.”

“We have seen a significant reduction of crime and road toll from good work by good police officers working with the community, and I will not tolerate having their reputation sullied by the actions of a few.”

Since 2015, Commissioner Caldwell has suspended 50 police officers from police duty.

Thirty-three (33) officers were suspended for criminal offences and seventeen (17) for disciplinary matters. “Standards have been set and I expect them to be met.”


  1. Don’t be surprised it is a regular occurrence especially those doing nightshift. It is abuse of power given to those we trust to look after our community.


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