Complaint lodged with police after another cow from same owner butchered, stolen in Tongatapu

    The animal that had been butchered and stolen last week had been the latest in a number of similar cases occurred in Houma recently.

    While the death of the cattle is a financial loss, the family of Lu’isa and Livai Fe’ao have difficulty in coming to term with the situation after they previously lost a cow to stock thieves.

    Their daughter ‘Ana Halatoa has appealed on Facebook to the public for information to help get these ruthless rustlers.

    She told Kaniva News Livai went to his allotment on Monday morning and found the skin and the intestine of the cattle.

    She said a formal complaint had been lodged with police.

    As we reported in July 2017, a cow had been butchered and removed leaving its head and intestine behind in a tax allotment in Houma.

    One of the three passers-by who came across the incident said they also found the cow’s rope lead still attached to a coconut tree by the scene.


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