Video: Foul-mouthed female brawlers in brutal bush allotment brawl caught on video


A violent fight has been caught on video and is being shared on social media.

The video, which appears to show it was shot in a tax allotment in Tongatapu, shows two girls –  throwing punches and pulling hair, surrounded by onlookers.

It is understood there were more than one video clips being shared.

One of them shows several boys whoop and cheer, laughing as the two female brawlers wrestle each other to the ground and exchange blows and foul language.

It appeared this was a group of youth who had been drinking together before the fight broke out.   

A bystander’s video of the fight, seen by Kaniva news, has gone viral since it was posted on Facebook last week, racking up more than 9000 views, 226 reactions, 197 comments and 129 shares by Monday afternoon.

At one stage, one of the girls could be seen in one of the clips appearing to repeatedly punching a man but he managed to break free and ran away before he fell over.

While the brawlers were on the ground, a man could be seen appearing to push his buttock against the head of one of the girls.

One of the group members can be heard saying he managed to intervene and broke up the fight but others urged them to fight again.

It was not clear whether or not police were called out to the incident.


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