Chinese ambassador praises royal family’s support for Taiwan policy; says China speaks for Tonga in UN Security Council

Kuo fakamālō’ia ‘e he ‘Amipasitoa Siaina ki Tonga Cao Xiaolin ‘a e Fale ‘o Ha’amoheofo’ mo e pule’anga Tonga' he’ene poupoua ‘a 'ene kaveinga one-China Principle mo hono tu’unga ‘i Taiuani’. ‘I ha lea ‘i hono kātoanga‘i e fa’ahita’u hili e momoko’ ‘a Siaina’, na’e pehē ‘e he ‘amipasitoa’ ‘oku tui mo’oni ‘a Siaina ‘e kei hoko atu a Tonga hono poupou ‘ene kaveinga’ pea ‘oua na’a’ ne toe fetu’utaki mo Taiuani ‘i ha toe fa’ahinga founga pe. Na’a’ ne toe pehē ‘i he hoko ‘a Siaina ko e mēmipa tu’uma’u ‘o e Kosilio Malu’i ‘a e Pule’anga Fakatahataha’ ‘oku’ ne lea ai ma'a Tonga mo e ngaahi fonua langalanga hake' ‘i he fakakaukau ke malu’i e ngaahi me’a ki he lelei ka ‘oku tofuhia ai e ngaahi fonua’ ni ‘i hono fiema’u’. Ko e taha e ‘uhinga ki he lea ko ‘eni ‘a e ‘Amipasitoa’ ‘o pehē ‘oku lea ‘a Siaina ma’a Tonga he Kosiliō Malu’i’ koe’uhi he ‘oku ‘ikai mēmipa ‘a Tonga ia ‘i he Kosilioa ko ‘eni ‘a e Pule’anga Fakatahataha’. Ko e fonua lalahi pe ‘e nima ‘oku nau mēmipa ai’ ko Siaina, Falanisē, Lūsia, Pilitānia mo ‘Amelika. ‘Oku ‘i ai leva mo e ngaahi fonua ‘oku ‘ikai ke nau mēmipa tu’uma’u pea ‘oku fili fakata’u ua pe kinautolu ‘o kau ai ‘a, Belgium (2020, Dominican Republic (2020), Estonia (2021), Germany (2020), Indonesia (2020), Niger (2021), Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (2021), South Africa (2020), Tunisia (2021) mo Viet Nam (2021)

China’s ambassador to Tonga, Cao Xiaolin, has thanked the Tongan royal family and government for what he said was their support for the one-China Principle and China’s position on Taiwan.

Speaking at the launch of the Spring Festival festivities, the ambassador said China was fully convinced that Tonga would continue to uphold the one-China Principle and would not conduct any official exchanges with Taiwan in any form.

And he said that as a permanent member of the UN Security Council, China spoke “for Tonga and other developing countries with a view to safeguarding our common interests.”

He said China was committed to further enhancing its political mutual trust with the kingdom, by strengthening understanding and cooperation on issues concerning major concerns.

China would set up a Confucius Institute in Tonga in to help young Tongans to learn Chinese language and culture.

The ambassador described the aid provided by China to Tonga as “sincere and selfless.”

“The Chinese community here actively fit into the Tongan society and play a very important role in promoting our cooperation in economy and trade, agriculture and tourism,” he said.

“Their contributions are laudable.

“China and Tonga are like-minded partners in the international affairs. We share similar positions on many regional and international issues, and support each other on many important matters.

Ambassador Cao said the recent signing of the Phase One trade agreement between China and the United States would benefit all countries, including Tonga.

The ambassador said Sino-Tongan relationships had developed soundly.

The ambassador, who was posted to the kingdom as a junior diplomat in 1988, said the results of co-operation between the two countries were tangible.

“Our mutual trust has deepened,” Ambassador Xiaolin said.

“Both China and Tonga respect each other’s right to choose the development path suitable for our national conditions and we have established a comprehensive strategic partnership of mutual respect and common development.

“China views Tonga as an equal member of the international community as well as an important cooperation partner.”

“China is the largest developing country in the world, and Tonga is a very important country in the Pacific island region. China-Tonga relations have become a role model for the international community on equal treatment, friendly cooperation and common development.

“We have every reason to be proud of the accomplishments achieved in our bilateral relations so far.”



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