Tonga seasonal worker dies in Australia; agent reports absconders to police

Kuo 'i ai ha lipooti 'o pehē kuo mate ha tangata he kau ngāue fakafa'ahita'u mei Tonga' 'i Mildura, 'Aositelēlia. Kuo pehē ko e tangata 'eni mei Lapaha. Taimi tatau, kuo toe 'i ai mo e līpooti 'o pehē kuo hola ha kau ngāue faama pea kuo mamahi heni 'a e 'eiseni Tonga' ne ne siponisoa kinautolu 'o ne līpooti ki he kau polisi 'i he feitu'u ko 'eni 'i Vikatōlia'

A Tongan man has reportedly died on an Australian farm while working in that country’s Seasonal Worker Program.

It is understood the deceased was working in a farm in Mildura, Victoria.

A relative told Kaniva news the man was from Lapaha in Tonga.

According to reports on Facebook the deceased was rushed to hospital over the weekend before he died.

The cause of his death was still unknown.

The country’s hot weather and how hot it was for workers has been a major challenge for Tongan farm workers.

On a separate note, an unconfirmed report on Facebook says seasonal workers in Victoria who have just arrived from Tonga have absconded from a farm, angering Tongan agent who sponsored them to come to Australia.

Melise Haukoloa claimed she has cancelled their contracts and police had been contacted.

The reported death came after Kalolo Kuea passed away at the Driscoll berry production company in Tasmania in October.

Fifteen Pacific islanders have reportedly died in the program since it began 10 years ago.

Brisbane’s Courier-Mail reports extreme neglect was a factor in the earlier deaths.


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