Three Tongan men killed in Highway 24 car crash in Orinda, US

Mate toko tolu ko ha kau tangata Tonga 'i 'Amelika hili ha'anau foki mei ha inukava. Ko e kau pekia' ko Molomona 'Ete'aki, Sione Vaitafa mo Mauni Pāhulu.

Three men were killed in a single-car crash early Saturday morning on Highway 24 in Orinda when their red 2009 Nissan Versa slammed into a tree, California media have quoted the California Highway Patrol as saying.

Siaki ‘Ete’aki, a paternal uncle of one of the victims, has confirmed to Kaniva news these men were Tongans.

Siaki has identified the men as his nephew Molomona ‘Ete’aki, 31, Sione Vaitafa (age still unknown) and Mauni Pāhulu, 22.

Siaki said the trio were returning home on Highway 24 after a kava party in Concord.

The agency reportedly said the car veered off into a tree-covered hillside north of the highway.

The car then crashed into a tree, killing the three men inside, it said.

Officers arrived to the scene at about 3.07 am and pronounced the three men dead, the agency said on Facebook.

Anyone with information is asked to call the CHP in Martinez at 925-646-4980.


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