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The Supreme Court has found a husband and wife guilty of multiple charges of sexual assault.

The husband was found guilty of eight charges, including two counts of rape and four counts of serious indecent assault.

The wife has been found guilty of five offences, including  three of serious indecent assault, and one count of abetting rape.

The case was heard before Judge Niu in Vava’u.

The offences occurred on January 11 this year after the complainant and several other people, including the husband and wife, had engaged in a lengthy drinking session which  began the previous night.

The complainant had vomited twice during the evening. At around dawn on the 11th the husband and wife offered to drive her home.

The complainant said was very drunk and the last thing she remembered was the woman showering her in a house.

She told the court that when she woke she was naked and the husband and wife were having sex beside her. The husband and wife then performed a series of sexual acts on her.

She was eventually able to escape from the house in which she was being held.

She told the court she found shelter in another house and eventually her cousin came and collected her.

The defendants denied her accusations and gave evidence that the complainant had willingly participated in certain acts, but also that they (husband and wife) had quarreled over the girl’s presence.

Judge Niu said the case revolved around whether the complainant had consented.

He found beyond any treasonable doubt that the complainant had not  consented to any of the acts and therefore found the husband and wife guilty.

The judge ordered that the complainant not be identified.


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