Tongatapu grandfather pleaded guilty over granddaughter indecent advice

Tali halaia e tangata'eiki ta'u 74 'i vaheloto ki he'ene akonaki 'aki ha to'onga palakū ki hano mokopuna fefine ta'u 15. Ko e me'a 'eni ne hoko 'i he ta'u kuo 'osi' pea 'oku fakatatali hono tautea' ki ha līpooti mei ha ma'umafai. 'E hilifaki hono tautea' he 'aho 29 Nōvema'.

A 74-year-old grandfather has pleaded guilty after he had been charged with what has been described as giving advice to an underage child that was sexual in nature.

The granddaughter, 15,  told nobody because she was scared until she had the courage to talk to authorities in her school recently.

Local reports described what the court has said about the convict’s action in Tongan as “tō’onga fulikivanu”.  

The victim has moved and stayed with a relative.

The judge reportedly warned such action should receive jail terms, the Kakalu ‘O Tonga newspaper has reported.

The judge has ordered the convict and the victim to undergo health assessment process.

The judge also ordered a pre-sentence report for the convict.

The grandfather was expected to be sentenced on November 29


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