Sione Feimoefiafi, right (Family photo)

The trial for the five men accused of murdering the US based Tongan Sione Feimoefiafi gets underway in the Supreme Court in Nuku’alofa on December 3.

Feimoefiafi, 49, arrived in Tonga in early January to attend his father’s funeral.

He was beaten during a brawl inside Tali’eva bar in February.

Feimoefiafi died in hospital later that evening.

His tragic death has sent shock waves throughout Tonga and the Tongan international community.

Sione Bloomfield, Vilaketi Bloomfield, Konai Bloomfield, Siafa Nai and Tangi Tiufilusi Nai will stand in the dock next month charged with his murder.

They were granted bail under strict conditions that included surrendering their passports and being put on the ‘no fly list’.

Police have closed down the Tali’eva Bar until further notice.


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