Siaosi Pohiva

Siaosi Pohiva has declared victory in the Tongatapu 1 by-election after he secured the democrats’ seat over his opponent Dr Netatua Pelesikoti Taufatofua by 16 votes.

Siaosi won 1160 votes against 1144 for Dr Taufatofua.

The election was held to fill the vacancy left  by the death of former Prime Minister ‘Akilisi Pohiva, Siaosi’s father.

Dr Taufatofua lost to the former Prime Minister in 2017. ‘Akilisi won it by 1376 votes.

Siaosi is an educational assessment specialist who has worked for the Secretariat of the Pacific Community.

A total of 4,382 voters have registered for the election.

This is 126 more than registered for the general election in 2017.

By-election results:

  Siaosi ‘O Vailahi Pohiva Dr Netatua Pelesikoti Taufatofua
Longolongo 239 270
Halavave 253 153
Sopu ‘O Taufa 312 111
Kolomotu’a 222 454
Tongataeapa 102 134
Ha’apai 14 6
Vava’u 11 10
Eua 4 5
Niuafoou 1 0
Niuatoputapu 2 1
TOTAL 1160 1144


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