Police have appealed for help in identifying two suspects who were allegedly overheard speaking Tongan during a brutal assault at a south Auckland bar.

Police are appealing for help to identify two suspects following a brutal assault at a south Auckland bar.  

Police said their first suspect “threw a cowardly punch instantly knocking out the victim.”

The second suspect saw the victim  on the ground and he slapped him on his head whilst the victim was still unconscious, Police said.

The second suspect was wearing a bulldogs rugby league jersey and up filler sexual bag, a raiders baseball cap and blue chains.

 It looked like he wanted to continue the assault but the bouncer has intervened, they said.

The first suspect was then seen walking off down the East Tamaki road.

He was wearing a blue t-shirt, a pair of black trousers and has a “distinctive hairstyle.”

The incident happened outside Weighbridge bar, which was frequented by Tongans who held fundraisings and performing music there.

One of the witnesses described the suspects as speaking Tongan.

Police believed the suspects arrived together at the bar in a Honda Odyssey which was parked at the car park directly behind the Weighbridge bar.

They also believed the suspects left together in the same vehicle at about 2.43am October 12.

They had been regulars at the bar, according to witnesses.

No arrests had been made and the police investigation was ongoing, a spokeswoman said.

The bouncer phoned paramedics immediately and some members of the public placed the victim in the recovery position.

It took several minutes before paramedics arrived and during this whole time the victim hasn’t regained consciousness.

The second suspect was around the scene watching the commotion. After the first police unit arrived then he decided to leave and walked in the same direction as the first suspect.

The victim, who appeared intoxicated, was hospitalized for three days after he suffered a brain bleed, Police said.

He was placed in a medically induced coma and required six weeks off work.  

He’s having issues with his eyesight as well as balance.

“He is in a long road to recovery,” Police said.   


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