Online attack on Electoral Commission ahead of Thursday’s by-election “a fabrication”

    Kuo launga'i 'e he Komisoni Fili ki he kau polisi' e fakamatala tukuaki'i kuo fai ange mei he Feisipuka'. Ko e tukuaki'i 'eni ne fai 'e he tokotaha ko Tahakaeafe o pehē 'e 'i ai 'a e kākā mo e anga ta'etotonu 'e fai 'e he Komisoni' 'i he fili ko 'eni 'i he 'aho Tu'apulelulu'. 'Oku faka'ikai'i 'eni 'e he Komisoni'

    An online attack on the Tongan Electoral Commission was designed to disrupt Thursday’s by-election, the Commission said today. It described the attack on the commission as a fabrication. The commission said a Facebook post by somebody using the name Takaeafe alleged impropriety  by the supervisor of elections. “It is a blatant attempt to interfere with…

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