Filimone Tō'aho

A car dealer who conned and abused customers has appeared in court again after he reportedly failed to deliver eight vehicles purchased by a customer.

The judge told Filimone To’aho, 38, of Tokomololo and co-accused Lesieli Langi, 33, of Matangiake they needed to be represented by a lawyer.

They have been jointly charged with criminal conspiracy with intent to defraud, Kakalu ‘O Tonga newspaper has reported in Tongan.

The paper claimed ‘Elisiva Fakatoumafi paid money to To’aho on 3 November 2017 for the vehicles but after one and a half year from the purchase she still did not receive them.

The company has been closed down, the paper said.

It is unknown whether To’aho has refunded part of Fakatoumafi’s money or not. The paper claimed he and his co-accused had been accused of defrauding $17,767.81.

As Kaniva news reported in 2016, the Holonga Vavaʻu Development Committee did not receive the TP$23,000 refund from Toʻaho and his Super Cheap car dealership despite a court order.

The money was paid after Super Cheap promised it would provide a passenger bus bought by the Committee.

The dealership failed to deliver the promised vehicle.

In a court document seen by Kaniva News at the time Lord Chief Justice Owen Paulsen approved the application by the plaintiff to force a refund.

The judge ordered that Toʻaho, trading as Super Cheap Tonga, pay $23,000 together with interest thereon at the rate of 10% per  annum from April 30,  2016 until the money was paid.

At the time, Toʻaho was also expected to re-appear in court on 14 November 2016  as part of another fraud case in which he was accused of defrauding clients of more than TP$70,000 .

Autorec Enterprise Ltd, a Japanese vehicle provider which imports vehicles direct from Japan, took Tōʻaho and his car dealership to court.

To’aho could not be reached for comment.


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