New Ha‘apai hospital has new name

Ha’apai’s hospital has changed its name.

The hospital is now to be known as Princess Fusipala hospital.

Fusipala was the half-sister of Late Queen Sālote Tupou III of Tonga.

The king opened the new TOP$5.03 million health facility yesterday.

As Kaniva reported previously, the project was part of a US$20 million reconstruction project funded by ADB and other donors through Cyclone Ian Reconstruction project to build  housing, electricity, solar system, sanitation and hospital after the cyclone struck the islands in 2014.

It was the most powerful storm ever recorded in Tonga, which passed directly over Ha’apai, taking part of the hospital’s roof.

The opening ceremony came after delays in the process because the location for the new hospital was not immediately available.

There was also a petition launched by the Haʻapai High School Parents Teachers Association with the government raising their concerns over the building of the hospital near the school in Pangai.

The new hospital replaced the old Niu’ui hospital which was located in Hihifo in Lifuka.


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