More lanes planned for Taufa‘āhau road in an attempt to tackle traffic congestion

'Oku taupotu ki lalo he ongoongo' ni ha fakamatala he lea faka-Tonga'

In an attempt to tackle its chaotic traffic, Tonga Transport is planning more lanes on Taufa’āhau road in Tongatapu.

A long three or four-lane stretch from Pea Sipa’ilā junction to Tofoa Sipa’ilā junction are expected to be added.

Sidewalks are also planned to be built along the road, the Minister of Infrastructure, ‘Akosita Lavulavu said.

The plans included negotiations with landowners to acquire parts of their lands needed to widen the road.

These are parts of a proposal expected to be submitted to cabinet soon, Hon Lavulavu told Kaniva news.

Roadworks were currently underway at this section of the road which included resealing and widening it up to 1.5 metres.  The minister has described the maintenance as temporary and aiming at reducing traffic build-up.

The suggestion came after a two-lane, one-way route along Vaha’akolo Road, from the Tofoa Sipa’ilā intersection to the roundabout at the Longolongo Police Training School was put into place last year.

The ministry said at the time it was “to avoid congestion/jamming on the way to town on weekdays every week and also safety of road users around this area.”


The planned cabinet proposal was part of the Tu’i’onetoa government’s priorities which focus on sealing all public roads with tar and filling roads to plantations, beaches, historical places and tax allotments with rocks.

Shipments which included a new backhoe loader, nine pallets of more than 400 cement sacks were expected to arrive in Niua Fo’ou this week as part of the government’s road construction project.

Ko e ongoongo’ ‘i he lea fakaTonga’:

Kuo ‘i ai ‘a e palani ke malava ‘o  leini tolu pe fa ‘a e Hala Taufa’āhau mei he sipa’ilā Pea ki he sipa’ilā ‘o Tofoa’. ‘E tānaki ki heni mo e saitiuoka. ‘Oku kau he palani ko ‘eni ‘a e alea mo e kakai ‘o kinautolu e ngaahi ‘api tu’u ve’ehala he hala’ ni ke ‘omai honau kelekeleke’ ki he fakalahi ‘e fai’. Ko e konga kotoa ‘eni ‘o ha pepa fokotu’u kapineti ‘oku ‘amanaki ke fakahū atu ‘e he Minisitā Ki he Ngaahi Ngāue Lalahi’, ‘Akosita Lavulavu, ke alea’i. Taimi tatau ‘oku lolotonga lele ‘a e monomono mo e fakafālahi mita ‘e 1.5 ‘o e vaa’i hala ni he taimi ni ke fakafaingamālie’i ‘a e fefononga’aki’. Ko e ngāue ko ‘eni ‘oku kau ai ‘a hono monomo mo tanu mo valitā.


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