Lord ‘Akau‘ola has repaid all monies owing to Bank of South Pacific, lawyer tells Kaniva

    Kuo fakakakato ‘e Looti ‘Akau’ola 'a e fiema'u 'a e pangikē Bank of South Pacific Ltd hili e tu'utu'uni fakamaau'anga ke totongi 'a hono mo'ua ne 'i he lau miliona'. Hangē ko ia ne lipooti ‘e he Kaniva’ ki mu’a’, ne ‘i ai ha mo’ua ‘o e nōpele’ ni ‘i ha tu’utu’uni ‘a e Fakamaau’anga Lahi’ ‘i he 2018 ‘o ne faka’atā ‘a e pangikee’ ke ‘eke'i. Ka kuo fakahā ‘e he’ene loea ‘i ‘Aokalani’, Harry Waalkens QC ‘i ha’ane tohi mai he efiafi’ ni, ko e mo’ua ko ‘eni’ na’e ‘osi fai e ngāue ki ai (settle) pea kuo fiemālie ki ai 'a e pangikee'. Na’a’ ne ‘omai ai mo e tohi mei he kautaha Stephenson Associates na’e faka’aho ki he ‘aho 25 ‘o Sune ‘o e ta’u kuo ‘osi’ ki he Fakamaau’anga Lahi’ ‘o fakamahino ‘a hono totongi ‘o e mo’ua’ ni.

    Lord ‘Akau’ola has paid all moneys owing to the Bank of South Pacific Tonga Ltd.

    As Kaniva news previously reported, the Noble had been the subject of a Supreme Court order in 2018 allowing the bank, formerly Westpac, to recover nearly one million pa’anga.

    That sum was the amount owing plus interest.

    As we pointed out in a recent story, it has been unclear whether that amount has been paid.

    This evening his lawyer, Auckland-based Harry Waalkens QC, wrote to us saying that the amount had been paid in full.

    He provided a copy of a letter from Stephenson Associates dates June 25 last year to the Supreme Court saying:

    “We act for Bank of South Pacific Tonga Limited, the judgement creditor in the above referenced matter.

    “The Bank have instructed is that the judgement debt in tis matter has now been settled by the Judgement Debtor to their satisfaction. The Court’s records may (and should) of course be updated to reflect this.

    “As such we accordingly withdraw the Bank’s application for an Order Appointing a Receiver under Order 33 of the Supreme Court Rules 2007, the hearing for which matter had previously been scheduled by the Lord Chief Justice for 17 July at 9am.”

    Kaniva news is happy to clarify the situation.

    Lord ‘Akau’ola has been appointed Ambassador to the United Arab Emirates.

    He presented his letter of credentials to Zaki Nusseibeh, the UAE Minister of State at Abu Dhabi on July 25.


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