Tongan soldier sentenced to military jail for assault charges in New Zealand

    Mo'ua sōtia Tonga ko Manu Tāufa 'i Nu'u Sila 'i he fakamaau'anga fakakautau' paki hono faka'ilonga' pea toe tuku hifo hono tu'unga' tu'unga 'i ha'ane tā fakalevea 'aki ha me'afana ha sōtia pea ne toe 'ohofi mo ha sōtia kehe. 'Oku ne lolotonga ngāue pōpula 'i he 'apitangata fakakautau' pe ki he 'aho 'e 28.

    By Tom Kitchin, Stuff A soldier has been sentenced to nearly a month’s detention after he hit another soldier in the back of the head with a rifle, and squeezed another man’s neck until he could not breathe. Lance Corporal Manu Taufa​, 40, appeared before the Court Martial of New Zealand at Burnham Military Camp, south of Christchurch, on Thursday….

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