Murder charges laid after migrant worker died hours after returning to Tonga

    Kuo puke 'e he kau polisi ha tokoua mei Kolonga mo ha tokotaha mei Holonga 'o faka'ilo ki he fakapō. Ko e hili 'eni ha mate 'a Fanaafi Misifane 'o Holonga' hili ha'ane foki mei 'Aositelēlia mei he ngāue toli 'i he Tokonaki pea mate hengihengi Sāpate.

    A Tongan migrant worker returning home after spending months working in a farm in Australia has died. Fanaafi Misifane, 35, has just arrived and joined his family in Holonga, Tongatapu on Saturday before he died on Sunday morning, various sources close to the deceased said.    A 25-year-old and a 21-year-old men from Kolonga along…

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