“Mother nature delays return son,” says grieving sailor in a heartfelt message after learning of his only son’s death

The father of the 20-year-old man who died after preparing kava during a kava session at Popua last month is still trying to come to terms with his loss.

Ngalo’afē ‘Ulupano was scheduled to sail back from Hawai’i to Tonga when he received the devastating message his only son Makameone ‘Ulupano was dead.

Today Ngalo’afē shared photos of him with his family to Facebook with a caption saying this was the first Sunday they had meal without his son.

He previously wrote and lamented his son’s death saying while he was in Hawai’i it was unusual for him to hear his son repeatedly asking over the phone to let him know when he was going to arrive back in Tonga.

Ngalo’afē wrote and told his dead son their return had been delayed due to bad weather – (“natula” or mother nature)

He said this was why he could not make it to see him before he died.

He believed God has taken his son because he idolized him and even at home he did not want him to be given any chores or household responsibility.  

Ngalo’afē said he spent most of his time sailing since his son was born.

Ngalo’afē said he had purchased gifts for his son while he was in Hawai’i.

Makameone’s cause of death has yet to be officially released, but the family suspected he died of pneumonia after a fall at the kava session.

Makameone is survived by his parents and two sisters.


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