NZ Parliament praises Pōhiva as preparations get underway to return body to Tonga

    Fakahikihiki’i ‘e he Fale Alea Nu’u Sila’ e ngāue fakapolitikale ‘a ‘Akilisi Pōhiva’ pea fakatataua ia ‘e he Mēmipa ‘a e Nesinolo' Alfred Ngaro ki he lea Tonga: Mapaki e Fā Kae Kei ‘Alaha’. Na’e fakamatala’i ia lolotonga e fakataha Fale Alea ‘a Nu’u Sila’ ko ha tangata ne ‘ikai ngāue pe ma’a hono fāmili’ pe pule’anga Tonga’ ka ma’a e ‘Otu Motu Pasifiki’ kotoa. ‘Oku 'omai 'e he pule'anga Nu'u Sila' ha vakapuna ke fakafolau ai, e 'Eiki Palēmia' ki Tonga. 'E tū'uta mai ha kau minisitā 'e toko tolu mei Tonga 'apongipongi ki 'Aokalani teu ki hono fakahā'ele' 'i he 'aho Tūsite uike kaha'u', 'āpō 'i he Pulelulu' ki mu'a pea fakahekeheka 'ene folau'. 'Oku 'amanaki ke fakahoko 'i 'Aokalani' ni ha ouau fakamanatu he Sāpate'.

    The body of Tongan Prime Minister ‘Akilisi Pōhiva is expected to be flown back to the kingdom next week.

    Three Cabinet ministers will arrive from Tonga tomorrow to return the body of Hon. Pōhiva to the kingdom.

    They will be the Minister of Police, Minister of Education and the Minister of Agriculture, a reliable source told Kaniva news.

    The New Zealand government will provide an aircraft for the repatriation.

    Pōhiva’s body will be returned next Tuesday, September 17.

    His ‘āpō (wake) will be held on Wednesday night before he is laid to rest.

    A memorial service is expected to be held in Auckland on Sunday at Tuingapapai church and the New Zealand Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minster are expected to attend, the source said.

    Meanwhile, online users are expecting a state funeral for the long time democracy campaigner.

    A spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade said New Zealand was consulting with the Tongan administration on the repatriation.

    Kaniva news understands that Hon. Pohiva’s body is at the Davis Funeral Services at Mt Eden, Auckland.

    The Tongan cabinet is expected to approve the funeral arrangement soon.

    Officials are expecting Parliament will meet soon after the funeral to call for nominations for a new Prime Minister.

    Hon. Pohiva was pre-deceased by his wife, Neomai, who died in Tongatapu on December 17 last year after a long fight with cancer.


    New Zealand Parliamentarians from all parties passed a motion yesterday expressing sadness at the death of Hon.Pohiva.

    The motion was placed by Labour deputy leder Kelvin David.

    National Party Member Alfred Ngaro quoted a Tongan proverb that said: “The pandanus nut breaks from the tree, yet its aroma lingers.”

    “It reflects the legacy that he leaves behind, not only for his family, not only for the Kingdom of Tonga, but the whole of the Pacific region, and we acknowledge his passing today,” Ngaro said.

    Shane Jones from New Zealand First said Hon. Pohiva had been harassed for his beliefs and faced charges of treason, but had risen to be prime Minister.

    “Although this man was of ill health in more recent years, for Tongan reform, for democracy, no light burned brighter than this man,” Jones said.


    1. Never had any Tongan been sued so many times for defamation, sedition & treason involving his outspokenness of the monarchy, members of the Royal Family & the Kingdom’s few elite. Repercussions for challenging the mightiest in the land was last thing on his mind when his pursuit was to bring a common man’s grievance to justice. He had no dwelling, as his house was burnt down by his political enemies..He gave his all for the greater cause of more democracy..namely, to devolve to an elected Government all the executive powers presently wielded by the King’s non-elected advisors (Privy Council)! Rest in Peace the people’s hero!!


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