“I did everything possible” says Pōhiva in farewell to people of the kingdom he served

    With preparations quietly under way to find a replacement Prime Minister, a poem written by the late ‘Akilisi Pōhiva has emerged.

    Parliament is expected to begin electing a new Prime Minister by calling for nominations from among MPs once Thursday’s state funeral for Hon. Pōhiva is over.

    Veteran Pacific affairs reporter Michael Field posted the poem on Facebook.

    Written in Tongan and English, it is dated September 11, the day before the democratic party leader died.

    In the poem Hon. Pōhiva says he did everything he could to make his dream of a democratic Tonga come true.

    He thanked the people of the kingdom for their support and love.

    My final farewell to the people of Tonga

    To the people of Tonga…
    It has been 32 years since you elected me as your representative
    And that became a sacred covenant for my existence
    We established a vision
    And I did everything possible to turn that vision into reality
    No energy was spared
    Thank you for giving me your trust
    Your support
    Your love
    I have fulfilled my obligations to you
    This is my final farewell!
    With all my love!
    Samuela ‘Akilisi Pohiva

    Ko e tatau ‘a Samuela ‘Akilisi Pōhiva’ ‘i he lea faka-Tonga’

    Ko ‘eku tatau faka’osi ki he kakai ‘o e fonua
    Ko e ta’u ‘eni ‘e 32 ‘eku hoko ko homou fakafofonga
    Pea na’e hoko ia ko e kovinānite toputapu ki he’eku mo’ui
    Na’a tau fokotu’u e vīsone
    Pea na’e fai hoku lelei taha ke ngāue’i ‘a e vīsone ko ia’
    Na’e ‘ikai tuku ha ivi
    Mālō e tuku mai ho’omou falala
    Ho’omou poupou
    Ho’omou ‘ofa
    Kuo lava hoku fatongia
    Ko ‘eku tatau faka’osi ‘eni
    Tu’a ‘Ofa Atu!


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