The Mate Ma’a Tonga team has complained to Prime Minister ‘Akilisi Pōhiva, saying they were dissatisfied with the interim National Rugby League Board.

According to Television Tonga, the complaint was submitted to Hon Pōhiva by prop Andrew Fifita on behalf of the team players.

They also complained to the Australia National Rugby League.

The players threatened to pull out from any further involvement with Mate Ma’a Tonga if their complaints were not resolved, it said.

The team players claimed the interim board had breached agreements they made in their first meeting.

The Mate Ma’a players were not happy after the interim board allegedly changed the coach for the World  Cup Nines 2019 next month.

The players claimed the board used the league funds deposited in bank accounts in Australia.


The board has denied the claims to the Television Tonga and said action was underway to respond to the complaints.  

It said it used the money from the Australian bank accounts to fund necessary expenses for the Mate Ma’a Tonga team.

TVT has reported that it obtained a copy of an unsigned letter which purported to show some of the issues raised by Fifita.

The complaints have triggered calls from the public to return Deputy Prime Minister Sēmisi Sika to the League.

The Editor of Kele’a newspaper, Po’uliva’ati Havili, said on Facebook today there could be no denying the Mate Ma’a Tonga team was at the top while Hon. Sika was president of the League.

Havili said since the interim board began operating the League there appeared to be issues which led to Mate Ma’a Tonga fans losing their close affinity and support for the national team.

“These were the fānau who united the country and brought matchless warmth, but since the establishment of this board there appeared to be noticeably lack of supports and the players now are disappointed,” Havili said.

“Ko e kii fifili: Na kuo taimi nai ke fakafoki mai pe ‘a Misi Sika mo ‘ene timi ke fakalele ‘etau liiki?”

This translate into English as: “The question is – Was it about time to return Misi Sika (Hon. Sika) and his team to run the league,” Havili wrote in Tongan.

As Kaniva news reported, reports on the Tonga National Rugby League’s finances due last month was the key to the election of new board members.

The Supreme Court dissolved the TNRL board and ordered an election of new board members at a special general meeting.


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