Cop charged for taking bribe from drug suspect Sione Filipe Jr

    Hā 'ōfisa polisi ko Fanguna Alalea 'i he fakamaau'anga' faka'ilo ki he'ene tali 'a e totongi fakafufū tukuaki'i mei a Sione Filipe Leka 'a ia kuo lolotonga faka'ilo ki he ma'u mo e faito'o konatapu mo e me'atau ta'efakalao

    A police officer has been charged with corruption for allegedly accepting bribe in connection with Sione Filipe Jr’s illicit drug charges. The accused was officer Fanguna Alalea who had his case called today, July 22, at the Fasi Magistrate’s Court, Matangi Tonga online has reported. The matter is now before the Court and as such…

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