Charges withdrawn against grenade and firearms Facebook photos accused

    A Magistrate court has withdrawn all charges against two men who had been arrested after photos of them holding firearms and what appeared to be a grenade were posted on Facebook.

    Prosecutors said they did not have enough solid evidence to secure a conviction against the accused, Kakalu ‘O Tonga newspaper has reported.  

    Andre Manu, 50, from Fo’ui and Malu Fakauho, 39, from Kolovai were jointly charged with various offences including possession of prohibited weapons and hand grenades.

    The photographs showed the duo holding what appeared to be two shotguns, and several items including what appeared to be tele-radios.

    The dropped charges were withdrawn by the prosecutors on Monday July 8 before Magistrate Feleti Tuita, the paper said.

    It said the duo have indicated they would file a lawsuit against Police for their unlawful arrest.


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