Bank employee given suspended term for stealing from fruit picker customer

Kuo tautea 'e he Fakamaau'anga Lahi' 'a 'Ofa Savieti ta'u 45 ke ne ngāue pōpula kae toloi 'i ha ta'u 'e ua ko 'ene kaiha'asi ha pa'anga 'e $3000 mei ha tokotaha ne ngāue toli 'i 'Aositelēlia. Na'e ngāue pangikē 'a Savieti lolotonga hoko 'ene fakahoko 'a e ngāue pango ko 'eni'.

A 45-year-old bank employee in Tongatapu who stole TP$3000 from a customer has been given a two year suspended sentence. Judge Laki Niu, however, imposed community work and the convict was sentenced to 60 hours. The Supreme Court judge found ‘Ofa Savieti guilty of committing forgery and using forged document, on July 12. Savieti must…

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