Tsunami alert cancelled after strong earthquake near Tonga

    The Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre has cancelled a tsunami alert for Tonga after a 7.4 magnitude near the Kermadec Islands.

    The cancellation comes after New Zealand Ministry of Civil Defence and Emergency Management has cleared New Zealand of a tsunami threat minutes after issuing a beach warning following the 10.55am quake.

    A Ministry of Civil Defence and Emergency Management spokesman said there may be some strong currents but there was nothing to indicate a threat to life and safety in New Zealand.

    Tidal gauges at Raoul Island, which lay between the epicentre and New Zealand, had shown good news, he said.

    Raoul Island is home to a Department of Conservation (DOC) station.

    A DOC spokeswoman confirmed all seven staff based on Raoul Island were safe and accounted for.

    “There are no other contractors or visitors on the island,” she said.

    At this stage, they were unsure of any damage on the island and staff would be assessing this, she said.

    The Kermadec Islands Nature Reserve and Marine Reserve is the most remote area managed by DOC and can only be visited with a special permit.


    1. What of 6.4 M today at 0933hrs UK 126Km East of Hihifo, Tonga? What of Tsunami warnings which are not visible on Internet at this time???? !!!!!!!!

      This is not a good result for being prepared and being contacted by automated personal alarms that must depend upon DEPENDABLE alarms, public accessible, like schools outings… visits to the beach in low lying areas… immediate and orderly retreat via narrow and easily congested roads, collecting the elderly and the infirm as a community service. All is dependent upon well practised and understood methods before a serious and devastating event that catches everybody in a state of unpreparedness and vulnerability. What are we doing…? Please respond to this with further discourse, the solutions we are seeking are already available and are mass produced and cheap enough to make available today, not tomorrow. Tomorrow is already too late! It always has been, it always will be!

      Thank you, I do hope this helps and may continue to help,

      Alexandra Crawford


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