Rugby league slams door on Folau

He'ikai 'oange 'e he liiki' ha toe faingamālie mo'o Folau 'i he'ene feinga ko 'eni ke toe foki ange. Kuo pehē foki 'e ha ngaahi lipooti i 'Aositelēlia kuo kole 'a Folau ki he liiki mo ne pehē ke nau sivi'i ia kapau te ne toe fai ha lau he mitia sosiale hange ko ia ne tu'unga ai hono tuli ia mei he 'Iunioni'. Na'e pehē 'e Folau ko e kau kei' mo e kau konaa' 'e oku tali mai 'a Heli kia kinautolu 'o tupu ai hono tuli ia'.

This story appears on Radio New Zealand.

Rugby league has firmly slammed the door shut on any chance of Israel Folau’s bid to return to the NRL following his sacking by Rugby Australia.

The chair of the Australian Rugby League Commission Peter Beattie had ruled out allowing the dual international back into the game which made him a star following his social media posts, in which he claimed homosexuals were going to “hell”.

Reports in Australia say Folau was willing to offer the NRL the chance to vet any religious social media posts in exchange for his return.

But Beattie has reiterated his position saying they would not register a contract with Folau in any circumstance.

“Our position on Israel Folau remains the same,” Beattie said.

“We are an inclusive game with respect for all. Israel has social media posts online that go against what our game stands for.

“As it stands, he will not be considered for registration. What Israel chooses to do in relation to his social media posts and his faith is a matter for him.”

ARL Commission chair Peter Beattie

ARL Commission chair Peter Beattie. Photo: Photosport

Rugby Australia tore up Folau’s $5 million, four-year contract after he refused to take down an Instagram post which quoted bible scripture and said homosexuals and other sinners were destined for hell.

Folau was reportedly willing to make concessions to revive his rugby league career but the NRL are steadfast he cannot be trusted as a repeat offender.

He had previously used social media to tell a follower God’s plan for homosexuals was: “Hell.. unless they repent of their sins and turn to God.”

It’s understood the NRL were also angered the story emerged on the day of the State of Origin series opener at Suncorp Stadium.

They also took a dim view after he walked out on the game at the end of 2010 to sign with the AFL.

Folau played 91 games for Melbourne and Brisbane and was one of the game’s biggest stars, making five Origin and eight Test appearances before defecting to rival codes.



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