Pre-paid parking, multi-million plans for central Nuku’alofa upgrade revealed

New sidewalks, road and public facilities upgrades and pre-paid parking are the main focus of a multi-million dollar projects to improve central Nuku’alofa.

The projects have been given a $14 million head start for the constructions of sidewalks which connected Kolomotu’a and Fasimoeafi.

The projects included upgrades to the Queen Salote Memorial hall, Nuku’alofa Primary School, Mala’ekula Royal Tomb,  the Sports Complex and areas between Vuna and ‘Amelika wharves.

New public toilets, bus stations and bus stops were parts of the improvement plans.

An upgrade to the Tonga Maritime Poly-Technical Institute buildings and facilities was part of the plans.

A new sweeper was expected to arrive in Tonga soon as part of the government’s attempts to keep Nuku’alofa clean.

This was part of the Prime Minister’s vision to upgrade infrastructure and public facilities, the Deputy Prime Minister Hon Semisi Sika told Kaniva news.

He said the Vuna road upgrades were funded by the government through its Ministry of Infrastructure and Tourism’s budgets.

Some of these projects were expected to be funded by foreign donors, he said.


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