ANZ boss departs after expenses investigation

Fakamālōloo'i e pule lahi 'o e pangikē ANZ 'a Nu'u Sila hili 'eni ha fakatotolo ki he ngaahi fakamole na'a' ne ngāue'aki ki he me'alele 'oku 'i ai pe hono faka'uli makehe pea pehē ki he uaine. 'Oku pehē ko e fakamole ta'efakamafai'i 'eni ka 'oku taukave 'a e tangata ta'u 55 ni na'e 'i ai pe 'a e femahino'aki ke ne fakahoko 'a e ngaahi fakamole ko ia'. Ko e tangata; ni na'a ne ma'u 'a e vāhenga ko e $3.8 miliona he ta'u 'o hoko ai ia ko e tangata vahe lahi taha ia 'i Nu'u Sila' ni.

By Radio New Zealand The head of ANZ bank’s local operation has left under a cloud after an investigation into his expenses. David Hisco. Photo: Photosport Last month the bank said David Hisco was taking extended leave for health reasons, but has now revealed that the board was also concerned about certain transactions after reviewing Mr Hisco’s personal…

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