Family struck by second tragedy in three years after Samiuela shot dead in south Auckland last week

Hoko ua ha me'a kuo hoko fakamamahi ki he fāmili Tupou'. Ne toko tolu pe 'a e fānau' ;'a ia ko e toko ua tangata pea mo e toko taha fefine. I he 2016 ne mate ai ;a e tamasi'i fika ua, Ma'afu Tu'i 'O Tonga Tupou hili ha'ane puke 'i 'Amelika. Pea 'i he uike kuo 'osi' ne fana'i ai 'o mate 'a e tamasi'i lahi' ko Samiuela 'Anania Tupou. Oku kei mo'ui pe 'a hona tuofefine' ne toko taha pe.

After nearly three years since the Tupou family farewelled one of the only two brothers in their family after an illness in US, they have  lost the remaining brother after a shooting incident in Ōtāhuhu.

As Kaniva news reported, Samiuela Anania Tupou, 21, died in Seaside Park in Ōtāhuhu early on Saturday morning.

Tupou had recently returned from the United States to live with his family, police said.

“Family and friends describe him as a fun-loving, hard-working young man.”

Police said at this stage, they did not believe the shooter was known to Tupou.

Police also could not confirm whether or nor the incident was gang related.

In July 2016, the Tupous farewelled their youngest son Ma’afu Tu’i ‘O Tonga Tupou who died after an illness, a source very close to the family told Kaniva news.

Ma’afu was buried in Salt Lake city.

The source said the family have three children, the two late brothers and a sister.

The police are appealing for witnesses and in particular any sightings of a light or gold-coloured people mover in the area at the time of the shooting.


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