The Ministry of Customs said it was waiting for the arrival of a shipment from overseas which appeared to be falsely addressed to the king, care of Princess Angelika Tuku’aho.

A caption on Facebook, however, said the shipment was intended for two widows or widowers (“ongo uitou”.)

The Ministry’s CEO Kelemete Vahe told Kaniva news he believed the cargo did not belong to the king.

He said his officers will inspect the shipment.

Vahe said he believed some people were trying to take advantage of the royal prerogative which restricted border officers from inspecting shipments belonging to Their Majesties.

Vahe said he was aware of a shipment the Ministry received previously which was addressed to the Queen.

He said they checked with the Palace Office and found out it was addressed to the Queen because they were gifts for the Red Cross and the Ministry released it.

Vahe was responding after a screenshot of a livestreamed video was widely shared on Facebook this week.

The screenshot appeared to show a woman who was spraying King Tupou VI and His daughter Princess Angelika’s names on a large wooden box. According to the screenshot the box was expected to arrive at the palace.

Facebook users became curious after the caption of the post said in Tongan: “ Ko e si’i fa’o puha ‘a e ongo uitou. Malo kuo lava.”

This translates into English as: “The filling of the box for the two widows (or widowers). Thank it’s done.”

The video was livestreamed by a person who goes by the Facebook name Lanu ‘O e Moana. Two names tagged in the post were Niutei ‘O Tufumahina and ‘Akanesi Toa’ila Tu’ifua Palu.

They could not be reached for comment.

A former ship captain and seaman Ngalu’afe ‘Ulupano, joined commenters on the post and said he was aware of some people who accompanied a late king during overseas or inter-island trips, who allegedly abusing the royal prerogative.

He said while he was working at the MV ‘Olovaha the king returned from New Zealand with these people bringing with them a number of shipments under the king’s name.  


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