Court case to hear drugs and arms charges against Princess’s son-in-law adjourned

Toloi e keisi faka'ilo ai 'a Sione Filipe Jnr ki he ma'u mo e faito'o konatapu hū mei tu'apule'anga, ma'u mo e faito'o konatapu 'i hono 'apinofo'anga', ma'u mo e me'atau ta'ehalaiseni pea pehē ki he ma'u mo ha mahafu ki he 'aho 27 'o Mee'.

A court hearing against Princess Pilolevu’s son-in-law, who is facing drugs charges, has been adjourned. Sione Filipe Jnr, 34, who is facing counts of illicit drug importation as well as firearms and ammunition charges, was scheduled to appear in Fasi Magistrate’s court on Monday, April 29. It is understood the case has been held over…

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