Tonga rise six places in freedom rankings, but problems for journalists continue across Pacific

Kuo fakalaka ki mu’a ‘a Tonga ‘aki ha tu’unga ‘e ono ‘i hono fakahokohoko ‘o e tau’atāina ‘o hono fakahā ‘e he mītia’ ‘a e fakakaukau’ he ongoongo' ‘i hono fakahokohoko ‘eni ‘e he kautaha lahi fakamāmani lahi ko e Reporters Sans Frontier ki he 2019. Kuo fika 45 ai ‘a Tonga ‘i he fonua ‘e 180 pea ko ‘ene ‘unu ia ki mu’a mei he fika 51 ‘i he ta’u kuo ‘osi’. Ko e ma’olalo taha ne a’u ki ai ‘a Tonga’ ko e fika 66 he 2013. Pea ko e ma’olunga taha kuo' ne a’usia 'i hono hisitōlia' ko e fika 33 he 2016.

Tonga has risen six places in the 2019 Reporters Sans frontiers press freedom rankings. Tonga now ranks 45th out of 180 countries, up from 51st place last year. The kingdom’s lowest score was 66th in 2013. Its highest was 33rd in  2016. Last year Tonga dropped two places on the RSF list. RSF said the…

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