Senior Custom Officer arrested after Tongatapu TP$6 million drug bust

Puke 'e he kau polisi' ha faito'o konatapu $6 miliona hono mahu'inga' fakataha mo ha 'ofisa mā'olunga he kasitomu' 'a a ko ha tangata ta'u 59. Na'e fakahoko e puke' ni he 'aho Pulelulu ko hono 24 'aho ia 'e taha hili hono 'ilo 'e kau ngāue kasitomu' 'a e me'a ni. Ko e puke 'eni hili hono ma'u ha uta mei 'Amelika 'a e faito'o tapu' ni fakataha mo ha me'atau.

A Senior Custom Officer has been arrested following a major drug bust in Nuku’alofa on Wednesday 24 at Kuini Salote Wharf.

The 59-year-old man has been charged with nine charges under the Illicit Drugs Control Act for engaging with others to import illicit drugs and also under the Arms and Ammunition Act for abetting the importation of illegal firearms and ammunition.

He is remanded in police custody while investigation continues.

Custom officers intercepted $6 million worth of drugs which was an equivalent of 6.7 kilograms of methamphetamine, 625.29 grams of cannabis, and 107.29 grams of cannabis oil which were smuggled into the country through a shipment from the United States of America.

Illegal firearms including 1 M4 Assault rifle, 2 Glock pistols and 1 handgun with relevant ammunition were also found in the shipment. 

Deputy Police Commissioner Pelenatita Vaisuai said this is a significant result for Police and Customs joint efforts in their war against drugs, and will go a long way to help keep our communities safe. 

“These drugs and firearms, should they have made it to the streets, would have caused significant harm to our people and communities.”


  1. Ko ofisa naitoko koaa??? Malie atu, kiokio pe ‘o ‘asi ma’u …. ‘ave atu ki Tolitoli .. fefe kau ofisa MAFF ia ??


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