Pōhiva “in hospital but he is fine,” PM Office says

Prime Minister ‘Akilisi Pōhiva is “in hospital but he is fine,” his media spokesperson Lōpeti Senituli told Kaniva news last night.

It is understood the 77-year-old was diagnosed with pneumonia and is recovering.

In a previous interview Hon Pōhiva said his routine check-ups with his doctors showed he was healthy but he sometime felt the burden of his duties for the country.

Hon Pōhiva, who will turn 78 this Sunday, said he was often attacked by the Opposition in Parliament accusing him of his health conditions and claimed he was not fit medically to continue on his job.

“Kou longo pe au. Kou tala ange mou taki taha o tokanga’i ho’omou mo’ui. Kou sai pe au,” he said in Tongan.

This translates into English as: “I just kept silent. I told them look after yourself. I am fine.”

He said he was happy that he was not diabetic or suffered one of the diseases which links to diabetes-related conditions.

In January last year he was admitted into Vaiola hospital in a “stable condition.”

At the time, a spokesperson said Hon Pōhiva has been moved to the hospital’s intensive care unit to avoid being disturbed by visitors who arrived  to see him.


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