New dialysis centre set to open in Tonga “at no cost to government” – claim

    'E vave' ni hano fokotu'u ha senitā ki he faito'o taialasisi' 'i Tonga 'i ha fengāue'aki 'a e pule'anga' mo ha kautaha 'Amelika. Kuo 'osi lēsisita ha kautaha 'i Tonga ke ne tokanga'i 'a e ngāue ko 'eni 'a ia 'oku hoa ngāue ai e Potungāue Mo'ui 'a Tonga' mo ha kautaha taautahha mei Salt Lake City. 'E 'ikai ha fakamole heni 'a e pule'anga' fakatatau ki ha fakamatala 'a ha taha falala'anga 'i he Potungāue Mo'ui'.

    A new partly government-owned dialysis centre is set to open in Tonga soon and a newly registered company has been set up to run the operation, it has been claimed. The facility would be established “at no cost to the government,” a reliable source within the Ministry of Health told Kaniva news. The source said…

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