Insane haircutting technique involves lighting hair on fire

This is the bizarre moment a barber set a customer’s hair on fire — on purpose — while giving him a haircut.

Footage shows the hairdresser ditching the scissors to use gel before using a lighter to set his hair on fire. The barber then used two combs to cut and style the flaming hair as the customer smiles nervously in the hot seat.

The strange styling technique, which was filmed at a salon in Chennai, south India, sees the hairdresser continue to brush the customer’s burning hair until the flame burned out after 12 seconds.

Apparently, the unusual technique has been growing in popularity across India over the past couple of years.

Customers are said to pay between $26 and $52 for the maverick haircut, with many salons offering the style without a license to keep up with growing demand, sources claim.


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