Tongans pray outside an Auckland mosque following Christchurch terror attack

Fakatahataha ha kau Tonga 'o lotu 'i tu'a he taha 'o e ngaahi fai'anga lotu 'a e kakai Mosilemi 'i 'Aokalani, Nu'u Sila hili 'a e tāmate tavale kuo mate ai ha kau lotu Mosilemi 'e toko 50 pea lavelavea ha toko 50 'i Kalaisēsi'.

Tongan crowds have gathered outside an Auckland mosque this morning praying in memory of those killed.

With 50 now confirmed dead and dozens more injured after Friday’s Christchurch attacks, members of the Tongan community came together to honour the victims with a prayer service.

The move by the community came after many of them supported the cancellation of the ASB Polyfest 2019’s final day on Saturday morning following the shooting.

The Tongan community said on Facebook their “children’s safety is top priority.”

This is what you should now know about the terror attack (RNZ Live):

Key points:

There were two attacks on Friday – one at the Al Noor Mosque next to Hagley Park, and one at the Linwood Mosque in the suburb of Linwood.

Fifty people have died, police have confirmed.

28-year-old Brenton Tarrant has been named as the person charged with murder and has appeared in the Christchurch District Court.

Two other people remain in custody.

The PM said those in custody were not on any security watchlists.

The PM said bodies remained in the mosques but police were working hard to identify people as quickly as possible to return them to their loved ones today.

Thirty-six patients with gunshot wounds are being treated at Christchurch Hospital, two are still in critical condition.

Police said there was no guarantee the risk was limited to Canterbury and urged all New Zealanders to be extra vigilant.

The national security threat level has been increased from low to high for the first time in NZ’s history.

Police Commissioner Mike Bush said police took 36 minutes from the time a call was received yesterday to have the offender in custody.

Police say mosques are welcome to open their doors, but a police presence will be maintained.

People can register missing persons or themselves as alive at this website.

Details of vigils around the country over the next week can be found here.

Events, including Polyfest in Auckland and a Super Rugby game in Dunedin, have been cancelled. More details here.


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