Internet restored after two weeks of outage

Kuo lava hono ngaahi e palopalema faka'initaneti 'a Tonga 'anehengihengi. 'Oku mahalo'i e palopalema' ki ha vaka ne lī taula 'o toho 'e he taula e fo'i keipolo 'oku fou ai e neti' mei Fisi ki Tonga' 'o hoko ai e maumau'. 'Oku kei ngāue 'a e Poate Taulanga ke 'ilo e ngaahi vaka ne nau 'i he feitu'u' ni he taimi ne hoko ai 'a e palopalema'.

Tonga’s international submarine fibre optic cable issue has been fixed this morning at around 12 midnight Friday 1, the company’s CEO Edwin Liava’a has confirmed to Kaniva news.

He  said the project has been tested and it is running smoothly, there’s no hiccup at this stage.

Liava’a said the operations team on board the cable repair ship Reliance suspected a boat with an anchor has dragged the cable.

When the Tonga Cable outage began it took out cell phone and internet coverage.

The cable damage was on its day 12th before the blackout had been restored.

The news came after locals were left without Facebook, YouTube and even some basic services like credit card transactions due to the cable fault in the undersea cable that connects Tonga to the rest of the world.

Initially it wiped out access to the internet almost entirely, and meant people couldn’t even make international phone calls.

“A small internet company that uses satellites has stepped in and helped restore international calls and some other services the government considers vital. But people still typically can’t access social media sites such as Facebook and some businesses remain unable to process credit or debit cards.”

Liava’a said, Ports Authority Tonga was working on its list to identify ships which had been in the area before the outage hit.



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