Speed, alcohol factors in Tongatapu fatal crash

Speed and alcohol are thought to have contributed to a crash which killed a 26-year-old Nukunuku man this morning at around 1.35am on Hihifo road, police have said.

Family members and friends have named the victim on Facebook as Tēvita Tāufa.

Polie said the deceased was with friends on a night out, drinking alcohol in Nuku’alofa last night.

Police said they returned to Nukunuku from Nuku’alofa at about 1am in two cars.

On their way back, the other car was travelling in front while it was followed by the car where the deceased was riding at the front passenger seat.

The fatal incident occurred when the vehicle where the deceased was in had swayed and gone off the road to the left and as it bounced back, it hit the other vehicle.

The impact had caused both vehicles to slide to the right where the vehicle with the deceased crashed into an electric pole on the right side of the road.

The force of the accident broke the pole in two.

The car where the deceased was in was driven by a 28 year old man from Nukunuku, with another 28 year old male passenger, also from Nukunuku.

“All three were rushed to the Vaiola Hospital where the 26 year old passed away and the driver and the other passenger sustain serious injuries and are still in Vaiola Hospital,” Chief Inspector Sofilisi Fifita has said.  

The driver and passenger in the other vehicle escaped with no injuries.

“Speed and alcohol were contributing factors to this fatal crash,” he said.

Fifita urged “youth, drivers and road users to act responsibly as there is only one life.”

“Make sure you do not drink and drive.  Either arrange for a sober driver or catch a taxi home.  Everyone should be safe and considerate on the road.”   

This is the first road fatality for this year 2019. 

Investigation into the crash continues. 

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