Sione Feimoefiafi: murder accused to appear in court

Tu’utu’uni ke fuofua hā ‘a e kau tukuaki’i fakapoongi ‘o Sione Feimoefiafi’ ‘i he fakamaau’anga polisi 'i Fasi’ he Mōnite kaha'u ko hono 18 Fepueli' ni.

The men accused of murdering the US based Tongan Sione Feimoefiafi are scheduled to make their first appearance in the Fasi Magistrate Court at Nukua’alofa on Monday next week.

Feimoefiafi, 49, arrived in Tonga in early January to attend his father’s funeral. He was beaten during a brawl inside Tali’eva bar on Monday 4.  He died in hospital later that evening.

Police arrested the accused the following day.

The five suspects, aged between 39 and 51, remain in police custody while investigations continue.

The tragic death of Feimoefiafi has sent shock waves throughout Tonga and the Tongan international community.

From the moment Feimoefiafi was shown being beaten in a viral video clip to today’s court decision for his accused’s court appearance date, people have become obsessed with the life of Feimoefiafi especially with what had been documented about him on Facebook.

Dozens of public and private groups are now dedicated to the murder.

A public group called Must Be Tongan has 120,393  followers. Another has nearly  17,000.

Feimoefiafi painted a portrait of the perfect family man on social media. Homemade videos and photos he and others had posted show what seemed to be an outgoing and light-hearted man.

“….We have a 19-day fast which end right now. We are heading out right now to eat some good food somewhere,” he said while making fun with his children in one of his Facebook live videos.


  1. Those men deserve jail time for what they had done to a man reguardless for what state of mind they were in.. they have no feeling or remorse for what they have don’t to an innocent man they are a bunch of bullies.. he had children and so do they they had no right at all bring him and his life a meaning throw those animals in jail

  2. The separation of powers between Attorney General, Police Commissioner and Minister of Police will continue lawlessness in Tonga. None of them is taking accountable so far to what happened. None of them appeared publicly to address the brutal murder of Sione. We never experienced this kind of brutal act in Tonga before.

    Where it happened? Who did it? Why is the public suffered a brutal attacked in the middle of day light? The Attorney General, Police Commissioner and Minister of Police ought to appear in join Statement publicly and explain to the public what is going on. The court will prosecute but the public wanted to know what is going on. The point is accountability and transparency.
    It is sad to see the public is coming together to clampdown the situation while our Public leaders are threatened the public to stay quiet about it. The court will take care the murderer but the Public officials need to educate the public about the situation and way forward.
    May be this is call for our Public Judiciary branches to work under one roof!

  3. No man should ever have to take a beating like that regarding what the situation was just shows those men a weak as fuck gutless and heartless.. Condolences & prayers to Siones family and loved ones… justice will seek the week


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